The Hundred-Year Lie - How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health

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Chemicals in everyday products are ruining your health-find out what you can do about it.

One hundred years ago, the promise of "a better living through chemistry" was given to consumers, setting us on a slippery slope that introduced thousands of man-made chemicals into our food, water, medicine and environment.

In The Hundred-Year Lie, investigative journalist Randall Fitzgerald shatters dozens of myths being perpetuated by the chemical, pharmaceutical, and processed foods industries. He shows how early advances led to a build-up of industry, and how the profit motive then led companies and even our own government to ignore troubling signs of widespread illness and disease.

Are we paying too high a price in our rush for progress? What happens when we blindly rely on the government to keep us safe? What does the future hold if we continue down this path? With a firm grasp on the latest scientific findings, Fitzgerald offers a clear-eyed view of a building crisis in public health.

Like Silent Spring and Fast Food Nation, this is a book that demands change. Fitzgerald not only sheds light on the problems we face from this unprecedented chemical onslaught, he tells us how we can turn the tide.

Summary: Shocking
Rating: 6

This information is both shocking and necessary. It is important to learn the different way one needs to learn and on what levels our food effects our diet. We are only getting enough to barely live in nutrients, and people need to learn how to get what they need, and what is being done to encourage, not prevent disease.

Summary: Nice Fit
Rating: 6

I purchased this for a researcher in our group so I am not the end user. I was told however that the reason he wanted these was because of the fit and comfort.

Summary: A MUST-READ for anyone living in a city. Amazingly GREAT BOOK
Rating: 6

A MUST READ book, it is simnply amazing,
I feel sorry I cannot give it 6 or 9 stars out of 6.

EVERYONE absolutely everyone must have this book as
OBLIGATORY reading in schools, universities,
any state department.

I cannot even express myself how good this book is
and how eye-opening!

Summary: Educational quick read.
Rating: 6

Excellent, easy reading that is very informative. A reminder to not blindly trust government agencies to protect the public.

Summary: The Hundred Year Lie
Rating: 6

This is one of the best books I've read in awhile. A customer brought her copy in for us to read & I was so impressed that I ordered a copy for myself & for a friend. I could not share all the information in the book with others as it is so much!

With health care being an issue & our health in general this is a must read to help you understand what has happened in the industry & continuing to happen on a daily basis. You will become more informed on why we are all so sick. Wonderful reading.


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